Term 3 2018

Term 3 2018

The Wizard of Oz Production

Our talented PCS students have been practicing for most of the year for our production of The Wizard of Oz.  The main roles were played by our senior year 5 & 6 students and many of our junior students also had minor roles. They performed the play on Tuesday the 25th of September to the junior school and on Wednesday the 26th of September there were two performances – one during the day for the senior students and one at night for parents.  All the students gave a fantastic performance and the play was enjoyed by all.

Thank you to Jenny Deed, Sharon Waterhouse, Darian Curry, Angela Stonestreet, Celia Talbot  and many other PCS staff members for the amazing job they did directing, making costumes, props and sets, training the choir and organizing the music and lighting.

Below are some photos of the performance.

IMG_0215  IMG_0212

IMG_0191  IMG_0236

IMG_0223  IMG_0227

Gymnastics Zones

On Tuesday the 25th of September our gymnastics teams attended the Gymnastics Zones.  Our teams competed against teams from other local schools and they all tried very hard and competed well.  Thank you to Melissa Fok, Sian Barrett and Kate Mulligan for their excellent coaching.

Below are some photos of our teams.

Year 3:4 girls   Year 3:4 boys  Year 3/4 teams

Year 5 girls   Year 5 boys  Year 5 teams

Year 6 girls   Year 6 boys  Year 6 teams

Art Festival

On Monday the 24th of September the local school’s Art Festival began.  PCS again contributed some wonderful pieces of art from our students.  Thanks to Kate Mulligan for collecting and displaying all the art work.

Below are some photos of our art work displayed at the Art Festival.

IMG-3349    IMG-3346   IMG-3359

Kapa Haka Festival

On Friday the 21st of September, our talented Kapa Haka Group went to the Kapa Haka Festival.  Below are some photos of our Kapa Haka Group in action.

Kapa Haka Festival 2   Kapa Haka Festival 1

Kapa Haka Festival 3   Kapa Haka Festival 4

Book Week

This week (September 17 – 21) is book week and PCS has had many book related activities.

On Monday we had a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ where students were given a list and and they had to search the library to find books containing the things on their list.  This was our first year doing a Scavenger Hunt and it proved to be a very popular activity.  Tuesday was our ‘Book Swap’, where students bring along a book from home to swap with a book brought in by another student.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we had Puppet Shows, where senior students put on a puppet show for the other students – this is always a very popular activity.  On Friday we had  ‘Dress-up as your Favourite Character’ – where students could dress up as their favourite character from a book.  Many of our teachers also enjoy participating in this event.  We also trialled a new activity this week – ‘Bookface’ – where students found a book with part of a face on it and took a photo using their face to fill in the other part.  We had some amazingly creative entries and they were displayed in the library where the students could vote for their favourite photo.

Below are some pictures of the activities students have enjoyed this week.

Scavenger 2  Scavenger 1  Scavenger Hunt

Puppets 3  Puppets 5  Puppet Show

swap a book 2  Book Swap     Bookface 3  Bookface entries

Dressup 2  Dressup 3  Dressup 1  Dress-up as your Favourite Character

Duffy Books Assembly

On Thursday, the 13th of September, Papatoetoe Central School had their second Duffy Role Model assembly. This was hosted by the student councillors. 

Our Duffy Role model was Joseph Fa’afiu, who is a local community leader and an author.  He has written two books about dealing with bullying and peer pressure – one of which he kindly donated to our school library.

Joseph also presented some of our students with Duffy their books.  Here are some photos from the Duffy Role model assembly.

IMG_6577     IMG_6580


Daffodil Day

This term, the Student Council again hosted a mufti day on Friday the 31st of August.  It was Daffodil Mufti Day and the theme was to wear something yellow or green.  We raised money to support the Cancer Society of New Zealand.  A huge thanks to the PCS whanau for supporting this charity!!

PCS looked colourful and vibrant with green and yellow colours.  Most of the children and staff dressed up in their green and yellow outfits!  Here are some photos of Daffodil Mufti Day.

IMG_0999  IMG_1003

IMG_1033  Daffodil Day 4

IMG_1106  IMG_1107

IMG_1104  IMG_4588

Kahurangi Visit

On Friday the 17th of August, we were visited by the Kahurangi Dance Group who put on wonderful performances for the whole school.  After the performances for the junior and senior classes, the Kapa Haka Group was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the members of the group and learn some new skills.  Below are some photos of the Kahurangi Group’s performance and their session with the Kapa Haka Group.

Kahurangi 1     Kahurangi 2

Kahurangi 3     Kahurangi 4


As in previous years, Papatoetoe Central School hosted the local cluster Mathex on Thursday 16th August, where the other Papatoetoe primary schools come together for a major morning of Maths action in our school hall.  Children work in teams of four and solve maths problems in their teams.  They have to be fast, smart and accurate and our kids are definitely all of these.  This year PCS came in first place in Years 5 & 6 and 3rd place in Year 4.  Well done to our Maths Enhancement Teacher Gurmeet Baidwan for all her expert coaching, class teachers and the students themselves – just wonderful.  Special thanks to Ross McGowan for his great organisation and hosting of the competition.  See below for some photos of our students in action in Mathex, with their trophies and certificates and with Mrs Baidwan.

Mathex 1 year 4 Mathex 2 year 4 Year 4 mathex team Year 4

Mathex 1 year 5 Mathex 2 year 5 Year 5 mathex team Year 5

Mathex 1 year 6 Mathex 2 year 6 Year 6 Mathex team Year 6

Mathex winners All the teams with Mrs Baidwan

Cross Country

On Thursday the 9th of August, the senior school ran the annual cross country.  The weather was lovely and all the students ran very well.

Below we have some images of our runners and the winners in each category.

Cross country 1       Cross country 2       Cross country 3

Cross country 4        Cross country 5        Cross country 6

Cross country 7         Cross country 8         Cross country 9        Cross country 10

Cross country 11          Cross country 12         Cross country 13         Cross country 14

Cook Island Language Week

To celebrate Cook Islands Language Week, the Student councillors sang a song called Kua Iti Te Marama during the whole school assembly on Monday the 30th of August. Here is a photo from the presentation:

SC Cook Is Week 1