Term 1 2018

Term 1 2018

Duffy Books Assembly

On Thursday, the 12th of April, Papatoetoe Central School had their first Duffy Role Model assembly. This was hosted by the awesome student councillors. 

The two Duffy Role models were Matt and Taylah. Matt currently plays for the Southland Stags and is a member of the 2018 BLUES Super Rugby squad.  Taylah is an accountant and is currently completing a Law degree. She also works for Sky Sport NZ broadcasting LIVE Sport.

Both of them gave an inspiring speech and talked about the importance of reading. They said reading never stops no matter where we are and it is important that we read everyday.

They also presented the children with Duffy books and now we are proud  Duffy kids!!!  Here are some photos from the Duffy Role model assembly.

Tayla & Matt          Tayla, Matt & SC

Duffy Books

Book Presentation          Duffy Books 2

Cricket Zones

On Tuesday the 13th of April, our girls and boys cricket teams participated in the Papatoetoe Schools Cricket Zones Tournaments at the Papatoetoe Recreation Grounds.

Our girls team improved in every game and finished in a very creditable 4th place. Well done to the team and their coach Miss Beedie.

The boys team, coached by Mr Robinson, played well and finished in 5th place after 3 wins, a draw and a loss.  A very good effort boys.

Girls Cricket          Boys Cricket

The Girls Cricket Team with their coach Miss Beedie          The Boys Cricket Team with their coach Mr Robinson

Siona Fernandes Visits PCS


Siona Fernandes with our Kaiawhina Rangatahi after her visit to our school on 14 March. Siona represented New Zealand at the 2012 Olympics in the sport of boxing. She spoke to the students about setting goals, planning, being prepared and learning from failure, and achieving your goal. Siona, who has two Master’s degrees and is starting her PhD, spoke about their importance of ongoing learning

Environment and Sustainability Group

We have been very busy preparing the school gardens and planting some new vegetables. Autumn is a great time to plant vegetables such as: broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower and silverbeet. Why not try and grow some at home that you and your family can enjoy in yummy soups and salads. Here are some photos of us hard at work:

Gardening Group 1          Gardening Group 3

Gardening Group 8          Gardening Group 7

Playground Role Models 2018

What do PRM’s do?

  • We help you to solve problems
  • We play games with you
  • We help you be sensible in the playground

PRM 2018

Student Council 2018


The student council will consist of one student from each class from years three to six.  It has been established to give an opportunity for the development of leadership in these students.  Each class will elect one student to represent their class at council meetings.  The council will meet weekly (Mondays/ Wednesdays) in the ELL Room and will be led by the designated staff member.


  • To develop leadership skills in students.
  • To provide all students with a voice about matters within school.
  • To allow council members an opportunity to select a project and develop it through to completion.
  • To provide council members with the responsibility of collecting concerns, ideas and suggestions from their class and bringing them to the meeting.

student council. 2018JPG