Senior Leadership Team

Linda Jefferies, Principal
Masters in Educational Management, Diploma in Teacher Education, Diploma in Teaching

August 2017

My association with Papatoetoe Central School started in 1995 when I was appointed as Associate Principal. In 2010 I moved to be principal of a semi-rural school in South Taranaki and then re-joined the Papatoetoe Central School whanau as principal in July. I consider myself to be very fortunate and privileged to be appointed to lead a school that has an outstanding reputation for delivering a rich and focussed curriculum.

My teaching career has primarily focussed on teaching and leading within a school environment. I have also been an advisor to schools in the areas of Technology and ICT. An interest I have continued with over the years. Each day is special and I really enjoy my job!

It is important to me that the success of your children, our students is recognised and celebrated. I gain much satisfaction when the children share with me how they are progressing and achieving. My door is always open to talk with you about the welfare of your child and together we can ensure that we grow ”good people” by modelling and fostering the values that will make them independent, considerate and contributing citizens in our society.

I liken a school to being a jigsaw puzzle, each piece is integral to the overall effectiveness and success of the school and the “big picture”. These pieces are you our parents, the staff, the Board of Trustees, the PTA and the wider community. We value the contribution each of these groups makes to the continued success of our school.

As a learning community we constantly strive to be “better than before”, to reflect on our practice and to learn with and from each other so that we can deliver the very best learning and teaching programmes for your children.

Susan Fidler, Deputy Principal
B Ed

I have been at Papatoetoe Central School for a long time. For the past 14 years I have held the position of Associate Principal. My teaching at PCS has been in the junior school with my most recent teaching involving the opening of a new entrant class in the latter part of each year.

My major responsibilities at present include the teaching and oversight of reading programmes throughout the school and the leadership of ICT development within the school.

I am proud to be associated with PCS and excited to be a part of the continued dynamics of a state of the art education for our students. I feel I am well known in the community and have enjoyed an ongoing participation with our PTA for several years. I look forward to continuing my association with PCS and am excited at the prospect of developing teaching and learning programmes that help prepare our students for their future.

Ross McGowan, Deputy Principal
MA (Hons), Trained Teachers Certificate

DSC_415921 September 2017

Welcome to Papatoetoe Central School. I am the Deputy Principal with responsibility for the Year 4 to 6 classes. I have enjoyed many years working with the students, staff and families of our school. Before coming to Papatoetoe Central School, I was a Principal for nine years, including my previous position as Principal of Aka Aka School from 2006 to 2012.

I have many different roles including the oversight of student learning and achievement of Year 4 to 6 classes. Achievement data is collected and analysed with results showing that our school is tracking very well against the national average. The data is used when providing the learning support programmes at our school so students are able to reach their potential. We are pleased to offer many learning support programmes across all year levels at our school, such as reading and writing support, and a Maths enhancement programme.

One of my roles is to provide opportunities for the school to meet with our parent groups such as our Maori whanau, Pasifika aiga and Indian families to discuss and share learning opportunities at our school. From these discussions, we have introduced Maori and Pasifika Showcase, and Diwali Dance-Off.

I enjoy providing leadership opportunities for our students, such as the Kaiawhina Rangatahi group who organise and host different school events, such as our annual ANZAC ceremony.

Mathematics is a particular interest of mine. In 2014 we introduced the ‘Friday Maths Programme’ which has a strong focus on students working together in groups to problem solve. In 2015 we introduced the PRIME Mathematics programme for Years 2 to 6, which has resulted in very successful achievement results at our school.

I enjoy supporting the students with their learning. I enjoy visiting classrooms to observe the students at work, and talking with them about their learning and the opportunities they enjoy at our school.

I enjoy working with an experienced and talented group of teachers who ‘make a difference every day’ and who provide a rich curriculum so the students have very successful learning experiences and can reach their optimum potential.