24 May 2012

From The Principal

Dear parents and caregivers,

As you can imagine we are having a wonderful week at school as the beautiful autumn weather continues. All classes have been participating in robust physical education at fitness sessions and at break times, everyone is outside enjoying the lovely crisp, clear days. The children seem to think it is spring – they are racing around having a great time.

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17 May 2012

From The Principal

Dear parents and caregivers,

We are enjoying the autumn leaves at school. The gorgeous old trees around our school are putting on their best show. The deep oranges, reds and browns are particularly stunning this year. The children are enjoying crunching the leaves under their feet as they move around the school. Our property team spent the entire morning on Monday gathering leaves for our compost bins after the big blow over the weekend. There is a wonderfully busy atmosphere as many children are participating in the activities that staff are offering during the break times. There is so much for the children to do. I am very proud of our talented staff who willingly share their skills and passions with your children.

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10 May 2012

From the Deputy Principal

Dear parents and caregivers,

This week it has been a case of four seasons in one week! The students have had to spend just a few break times indoors. Assessment week is fast approaching, particularly for our students in year 3 to 6. Standardised tests will be taking place in reading, mathematics and spelling. The results of these tests will be recorded on the midyear reports our teachers will begin preparing very soon.

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3 May 2012

Newsletter From The Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We are having a wonderful week at school as everyone is enjoying the amazing autumn days and the sun continuing to shine. It is great for the children to be able to spend break times outdoors and our winter sports and fitness programmes are going very well. The children are very settled after the Easter break and they are working very hard. Teachers are setting very high expectations for all students and we appreciate your support by encouraging them at home, also.

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