London Plane

Botanical name: Platanus

Habitat: The London Plane tree likes to live in wetlands, but also does well in urban areas. At PCS they provide a good boundary from the recreational fields, and probably enjoy the wet grounds.

Appearance: All members of Platanus are tall, reaching 30 to 50 meters in height. All except for one type are deciduous. After being pollinated, the female flowers turn into a spiky ball that contains seeds. The scientific name for the ball is an achene. The bark is flaky and patchy (mottled) in colour.



Use: The London plane are mainly ornamental trees, and are found in urban areas such as parks and by roadsides. They are also good windbreakers. Sometimes they may be used for timber.





  • Where does the London Plane like to live?
  • What is the scientific name for the spiky balls London Planes produce?
  • Why do you think London Plane trees were planted in the school?

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We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Jyot and Zoe to this research.