Golden Elm

Botanical name: Ulmus glabra ‘Lutescens’

Other name: Wredei

Habitat: It is originally from Germany, and it needs space to grow. The Golden Elm was cultivated by combining two other species of elm together.

Appearance: Bright greenish-gold leaves, up to 16 cm long that turn yellow in autumn. In spring, the new leaves are a pale lime-green. In winter it drops its leaves as it is deciduous. It can get up to 10 metres high and 12 metres wide.

Use: The Golden Elm is very good in parks and playgrounds, it has a nice spreading shape and it provides good shade from the sun in the summer


  • Watch the Golden Elm over the different seasons.
  • What can you see happening to it, and why do you think it is happening?
  • Draw a picture of it in Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter.


  • Why is it good to have the Golden Elm in the PCS playground?
  • Do you know what deciduous means?
  • What other trees at PCS are deciduous?