24 April 2015

Year 2 Newsletter

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2 March 2015

Year 2 Newsletter

To Parents/ Caregivers,

Welcome to the Tui team. We have started off the year getting to know our students and settling them into classroom routines. Our little Tuis are happy to be back at school and eager to learn. They also look forward to being involved in the various options offered during the breaks.  » Click here to read 2 March 2015

24 October 2014

Year 2 Tui Newsletter Term 4

Kia ora Parents / Caregivers,

This is just a brief letter updating you on our topics for this term as well as a few friendly reminders.Tui

For literacy the children will be writing a lot of poems as well as doing some descriptive writing and writing to tie in with Christmas towards the end of the year. In maths we usually start with a focus on number recognition and number knowledge and then move onto strategy work with addition and subtraction. The children will also be looking at measurement – specifically money, appropriate again to this time of the year with a lot of spending happening around Christmas time.

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