A Massive Crane Arrives

On Wednesday the 23rd of November, a 100 tonne crane arrived at PCS.  It was here to move the reinforcing steel into the building site.  The children were fascinated with the heavy steel being swung overhead into the building site.  Great fun!


Groundwork has Begun

The groundwork for our new building has begun with the area being marked out, dirt removed and string lines put in.  The students have watched the diggers and dump trucks arrive with great excitement.

groundwork-1           groundwork-2

Classrooms Moved During the Break

Two rooms have been moved over the break to make way for our new building – our school looks very different.  Below are some pictures showing some of the classrooms being moved from their old position to their temporary position beside the field.

separating        on jacks        truck under        truck removing class

Classes being separated                    Up on jacks                       Being loaded onto truck          Being moved into position

Classes moved    Classroom re-sited

New Building Project @ PCS: (May 2016 – May 2017)

We are very excited as our new building project is about to begin.  The first stage is to clear the building site.  Therefore, over the April holidays, rooms 17 and 19 will be moved off site and rooms 16 and 18 will be re-located alongside the fitness trail.

Our new building will have four classrooms upstairs and four downstairs.  The Ministry of Education has included two additional rooms for roll growth.

We plan to keep you informed of progress, so please check out our Showcase regularly for updates.

Kind regards,

Marilyn Gwilliam (Principal)

New building

Above is the artists impression of our new building.