30 November 2017

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Christmas Whanau Day Times

2017 Christmas Whanau Day Times

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Maori whanau & Pasifika aiga minutes


Maori whanau and Pasifika aiga evening: 2017

Thursday 26 October @ 6:00pm

Sixty-four parents, children and family members attended our Maori whanau and Pasifika aiga evening on 26 October.

The programme shared information about our current student achievement data in reading, writing and mathematics; our learning support programmes; and other learning programmes and opportunities at Papatoetoe Central School. Glen Cowan (Te Reo Maori lead teacher) spoke about our current Kapa Haka programmes, and Linda Jefferies shared information about the 5 year cohort entry amendment in the Education Act.

Four ideas were presented to parents for discussion and feedback:

  • Kapa Haka at Papatoetoe Central School
  • 5 year entry at Papatoetoe Central School
  • Feedback about possible topics in 2018
  • New ideas and experiences to consider.

Summary of the four ideas:

Kapa Haka at Papatoetoe Central School

  • Yes to including non-Maori in Kapa Haka, all ages/cultures from Year 1 to 6 (4 group responses)
  • Yes to opening to Year 1 to 3, might take separately from Year 4 to 6, but important to come together as a group at times
  • A Showcase for all cultural groups (Maori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island, Indian for all parents to attend)
  • Have a specialist
  • Open to all ages and ethnic groups, so they know more and don’t miss out.
  • Let the parents watch their children perform
  • Open up to 5 year olds (comment from a 5 year old)
  • Opens up to other cultures to learn Maori
  • Let Year 1 to 3 do it, let any culture do it (a child’s response)
  • Year 4 to 6 – open to all interested, why is it compulsory for Maori? Think Year 1 to 3 would need too much effort/time for understanding/listening which would diminish the purpose
  • Defintely open to all age and ethnicities as NZ has a rich cultural heritage – I would be willing to assist
  • Children to compose their own waiata and haka
  • Still should be compulsory for Maori students

5 year entry at Papatoetoe Central School

  • No problems with 5 year entry concept (4 group responses)
  • Start on their 5th birthday (2 group responses)
  • Start on my birthday (response from a 5 year old)
  • Very beneficial for all students to start at beginning of term, from social point of view, however turning 5 is usually a big deal when they go to the ‘big school’.
  • Start of term (from an 8 year old)
  • What happens at the end of year joining school?
  • Starting at beginning of term sounds beneficial socially and emotionally, a group all starting together.
  • Would this affect ECE rolls. Is starting before 5 too early?
  • New idea is good as some children are shy and nervous starting school alone

Feedback about possible topics in 2018

  • Topics look good.
  • Topic of ‘belonging, my identity, relating to others’ bring in concept of awhi from a Maori perspective; older kids are taught to support, help, nurture the younger tamariki.
  • Arts – use of different forms of art to tell a story
  • Genealogies – students go deeper researching their history, genealogy
  • ‘Belonging’ topic, maybe a focus on migration of all cultures, all children would realise they have this in common
  • Topics all sound fine (2 group responses)
  • Using topics that were presented, ask the question ‘What now/next in Te Ao Maori?’

New ideas and experiences to consider.

  • Caring for and being familiar with Papatoetoe issues/matters
  • Having Facebook (social media) to inform the public and also get feedback (such as a marae that can host school experiences)
  • International Food Festival, to showcase the diversity of school.
  • Use of marae at Museum
  • More on being a New Zealander, and focus on being a local Papatoetoe resident
  • Maths and literacy workshops, different items to cater for parent needs, e.g. breakfast, after school, evenings
  • School app (mobile) – easier access to notices and reminders
  • Greater awareness of achievements our PCS students
  • Safety (online)
  • Sexual health
  • Introduce some Pacific syndicates into school
  • Make a temporary marae at school and have a weekend noho (staffroom/hall)
  • Perhaps have some performances or assemblies outside during summer
  • Homework – like term homework as opposed to daily homework.
  • Kapa Haka performed in the courtyard for Te Reo Maori language week.
  • Consider a whakairo (carving) in school hall entrance
  • Pasifika and Maori arts and crafts – weaving, basic patterns
  • Hangi/umu day – fundraiser – children learn how to prepare

School marae visits

Discussion took place about our visits in 2016, and the difficulties in arranging visits in 2017. A couple of parents offered to find out about possible options for next year and beyond.

Ross McGowan

Deputy Principal

9 November 2017

Term 4 2017

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