2 March 2015

Year 2 Newsletter

To Parents/ Caregivers,

Welcome to the Tui team. We have started off the year getting to know our students and settling them into classroom routines. Our little Tuis are happy to be back at school and eager to learn. They also look forward to being involved in the various options offered during the breaks. 

The value this term is PCS, which means being polite, considerate and sensible at all times. Students are also encouraged to use good manners and to learn what this may look and sound like.

The Pasifika Showcase is our major event this term and our focus is on Tonga. If you are keen to support the team with a cultural item please see the classroom teacher. 

This term the curriculum focus in other learning areas are:

Maths – Statistics, Number, Measurement(Length), Geometry(2D Shapes)

Writing – Recounts, Narratives and Descriptive Writing, Poems

Reading – reading aloud while developing skills to identify words and make meaning of the text

Social Science – Tonga

Science – Plants(what they need for life)

Health & Physical Education – Relating to Others, Small Balls Skills

Arts – Music & Dance, Visual Arts

Please remember to check students’ book bags each night for notices, spelling lists and readers. Daily practice enables students to revise what they are learning at school.

We would also like your support in encouraging healthy options for lunch and birthday celebrations. Cakes and lollies are not allowed but fruit kebabs or a selection of fruit is fine for birthdays.

Please ensure students are dressed in correct school uniform, hats are a must for terms 1 and 4. Students’ names on items of clothing and shoes are important as they are often misplaced or lost. Also please note students are expected to be at school by 8.30am but no later than 8.45am so they have time to get organised for the day and don’t miss out on the start of the days programme.

Teachers are in classrooms at 8.30am each morning. Please feel free to pop in if you would like to have a chat about your child’s progress and learning.

Many thanks,

Roshilla Naicker, Miriam Paxie, Nicola Wilson, Dev Singh, Darian Curry

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