18 September 2014

From the Deputy Principal

Greetings, Kia ora, Namaste, Ni Hao, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia orana, Ni sa bula vinaka, Salaam

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We’ve had some very busy weeks at school recently and now only one more week until the end of term.   The warmer weather is bringing our lovely oak trees into leaf as well as allowing our field to remain open for longer periods so the students have more outside space in the break times.  

                       REMINDER:       Pasifika Showcase Day

We are excited and ready for our Pasifika Showcase Day tomorrow. Please make the time to come to school if you can so we can share our Pasifika studies with you.

Associate Principal Ross McGowan has coordinated all classes in the school to present our Pasifika Showcase on Friday 19 September. You are all invited to attend. Parents, grandparents, family members and friends are very welcome to join us and share in this day of performance and learning. The programme is outlined below:

  • Junior School – Year 1 to 3 classes
. Please assemble in the Hall at 9:00am for a 9:15 start.
 Year 1, 2 and 3 classes will perform and present items to their families and friends. This will be followed by a sharing time and displays in their classrooms.
  • Senior School – Year 4 to 6 classes
. Please assemble in the Hall at 11:00am for an 11:15 start.
 Year 4, 5 and 6 classes will perform and present items to their audience. Parents will then be invited back to classrooms or blocks to share other Pasifika Showcase displays.

Room 28: Another new entrant class has opened this term with 6 new students already.   Mrs Kirsten Paterson is the classroom teacher for room 28. We are looking forward to welcoming all the new five year olds next week and throughout term 4.

Cross Country: The Cross Country Zone Competition has taken place today after a postponement on Tuesday.   Our team has been practising and have no doubt put in a good effort today at Puhinui Reserve.

Calendars, Cards, Diaries and Mousepads: Classes have been working on their calendar artwork. This year mousepads are a new addition to the ordering options. The order forms will be send home with each student next week. Each student’s artwork will be available for viewing in their classroom before or after school. There will be some sample calendars, cards, diaries and a mousepad available for viewing at the office. Your child’s artwork will be laser copied so multiple items can be ordered using the same piece of artwork. The calendars and cards are a wonderful Christmas present idea for extended family members. Orders and payment are required before the artwork can be made into a specific product. The orders need to be in by Friday October 24, next term, so processing can be completed in good time. We are looking forward to your support with this excellent fundraiser.

Gymnastics: Our gymnasts have been preparing for the Papatoetoe Schools Gymnastic Zone Competition, which takes place on Tuesday next week at Gym City, Papatoetoe.   We wish them all the best on their competition day.

The holidays are almost here and with warmer weather on the way   be sure to have some lovely holiday time with your special children.

Kindest regards

Susan Fidler
Deputy Principal 

General Notices

Welcome to our new students: Morpheus Morgan, Dimika Verma, Sharon Nadan and Kathryn Chansy

Assembly Days: On Monday, 22 September, Room 5 will lead our assembly. As always you are most welcome to attend but please make sure that you are seated by 1.15pm.

Class visits to St Christopher’s Residential Home: Tomorrow, Friday, 19 September (weather permitting) at 1.30pm, Room 5 will be visiting St Christopher’s Hospital.

Out of Zone Ballot: The Board has decided to conduct a ballot for out of zone siblings only to start in 2015 school year. The ballot will be conducted on Wednesday, 22 October 2014. This is not an automatic right for out of zone siblings so you must apply on the appropriate forms that are available at the school office. Please ensure that you have your application in on time. Applications close on Wednesday, 15 October 2015.

Hats: Please make sure that your child has a school hat as it is compulsory for hats to be worn during break times in terms 1 & 4. School hats are available from the school office for $16.00.

Drink bottles: As it will be getting warmer, we want the children to drink water regularly throughout the day, so a named drink bottle that they can fill here at school is ideal.

Healthy Food: Our teachers encourage their students to make healthy food choices in accordance with our school policy. We ask for your assistance with this on special birthday occasions.   Many parents like to bring a birthday cake into the classroom. If you want to share food with your child’s class in celebration of a birthday please choose a healthy food option and save the cake for your celebration at home.   A fruit platter is a healthier option and is also usually safer in terms of the allergies that some children may have.

Why it’s important to recycle:Our waste is a valuable resource. You can save precious resources each day, simply by taking care of the things you throw away. Think twice before you put something in the rubbish bin – could this be recycled instead?

How to recycle right:


  • Recycle all plastics, bottles and containers with these symbols on the base:
  • One exception to the above is meat and food trays with a 6 on them. These cannot be recycled
  • Plastic bags are not recyclable via the council’s recycling collection. They can clog the machines at the recycling    facility and cause equipment failures
  • Rinse and squash metal and plastic containers. Remove, clean and recycle lids
  • Empty aerosols and glossy magazines can be recycled
  • Tetrapaks are NOT accepted in Rodney, the North Shore, or Waitakere
  • Containers should be no larger than four litres

Many Aucklanders are great recyclers, but on average about 800kg per person ofwaste is sent to landfill each year. So follow these tips to help reduce your waste to landfill. From the Environment and Sustainability Group

Term Dates

  • Friday, 19 Sept – Pasifika Showcase
  • Mon, 22 Sept at 3:15pm – Indian Parent Community Consultation Afternoon
  • Tuesday, 23 Gymnastic Zones
  • Friday, 26 Sept – PCS Talent Show
  • Friday, 26 Sept – Last Day of Term 3 at 3pm
  • Monday, 13 October – Term 4 starts

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